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About Aquaholic


rom the moment water enters your system, magic happens.  As it flows through your blood system, it delivers vital hydration and oxygen to your muscles and organs, replenishing your energy levels, boosting your cognition, and restoring your bodily functions.  Even though water truly is life, too many of us struggle to get enough of it on the day-to-day.  Aquaholic has introduced the perfect solution, and we’re on a mission to use it to save lives, help the environment, and transform the health and wellness industry.

We’re starting a revolutionary H2O movement with our cutting-edge water bottles.  They are innovatively designed for on-the-go convenience and hydration monitoring.  Outfitted with a simplified tracking system that motivates you to reach your daily water intake goals, these stylish, odor-resistant vessels are made of BPA-Free Titan™ to protect your body.  Achieving optimal health has never been easier.

I LOVE this water bottle! I am an RN and I struggle to have time to drink or remember to hydrate at work. Since I got this bottle, I’ve drank 2L every day even when I’m having a busy shift at work. It’s convenient and motivating! It’s also touch free which is great for work, meaning I can pop it open and just lean over and sip from the straw. It’s easy to carry. Three of my coworkers have now decided to purchase also based on seeing mine! I’ve gone from something like one cup a day at work to staying hydrated! I use at home, too!
Lisa Barley

Certified BPA FREE Products

While single-use plastic water bottles may seem like an effortless way to quench your thirst, most of them end up harming the planet when they enter our beautiful oceans. Aquaholic’s handy and uncomplicated alternative eliminates the need for this excessive waste that jeopardizes nature. Our bottles aren’t only good for you; they’re good for Earth, too!


itness enthusiasts, Ach and Thomas, are the Founders behind the small, family-run business that is Aquaholic.  After witnessing firsthand the devastating and life-threatening consequences dehydration poses to our health, the duo knew they had to do something.  In fact, dehydration is one of the biggest causes of kidney failure.  That’s why Aquaholic strives to inspire people to take their water consumption more seriously.  Additionally, we’re donating $1 from every sale to the Kidney Association to support the fight for kidney health.