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6 Tips To Keep Your Body Well Hydrated In Summer

There’s nothing better than the arrival of summer to carry out countless activities, isn’t it? It is possible to wear light clothing, exercise outdoors, have more hours of sunlight, among several benefits. On the other hand, this season needs people to be aware of an important daily action: keeping your body well hydrated.

According to the latest survey, in the USA, 75% of adults suffer chronic dehydration. The numbers increase with the arrival of the hottest season of the year and, therefore, we bring 6 tips to keep your body well hydrated in summer, making the most of it – and in good health.


Create regular intervals for drinking water

The habit, when repeated, is easier to assimilate. So, create a routine of drinking water throughout the day. A 250 ml glass every one and a half hours, for example, allows you to achieve the minimum recommended by experts in water consumption – about 2 liters daily. If you want to mix in more or less time, the tip is to reach that amount of liquid ingested.


Double your attention with physical exercise

Dehydration is recurrent in amateur – and even professional – athletes who do not drink water before and after physical activities. That is why it is necessary to redouble your attention in this case so that there is no problem with your body. Also, it is worth mentioning that practices at night can also dehydrate due to the heat.


Avoid artificial liquids for hydration

Soft drinks, canister juices, and alcoholic beverages have an opposite effect on hydration: they need more water, especially in the liver, to be processed in the body. There are a number of alternatives to water that can be used (see below), but artificial and alcoholic compounds are not part of this list.


Vary your fluid consumption

Water is the main liquid to stay hydrated, but there are other options that can help you in this regard – making the summer, too, tastier. The main one is coconut water, which besides hydrating, has several indispensable ways for the body. Fruit juice, natural teas, and fruits with liquid (such as watermelon) are great to mix with water.


Watch for signs

Staying hydrated is synonymous with being aware of the signals your own body gives. Dark yellow urine is a symptom of dehydration. Tiredness and drowsiness, dry skin and mouth, headache, and – of course – chronic thirst are signs that you need to keep your body well hydrated. In summer, these symptoms may appear more often, so it’s good to avoid them.


Healthy and light food

The mistake of many people is to believe that just drinking fluids in the summer is enough to keep your hydration up to date. A mistake: a bad diet, such as fried foods, high carbohydrate consumption, and a diet based on red meat demand a lot from the body – and, consequently, use up the body’s fluid reserve. Simple carbohydrates, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are powerful allies in hydration.


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